Where do I begin? (Blog #1)

The idea of being chef has come across my mind more than once, but I don’t have a desire to work in a restaurant. I enjoy experimenting with different ingredients. I have a recipe box, cook books, and the drive to learn. I would say that I am pretty good (as my parents would say) especially at baking. I want to combine my passion for cooking and interests in nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. My vision for the future includes more organic community and school gardens. Well-known celebrity chefs, like Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters, have started that endeavor. First Lady Michelle Obama has highlighted the need for healthy eating and exercise, including implementing a garden at the White House and initiating the Let’s Move Campaign. There is a going awareness for this movement, and it has just started!

How should this blog be organized? I plan to post recipes that I find and try and my intent is to share what I learned. I am an avid photographer, for which I will employ for this project. I am not here to lecture, just share.

I hope to gain a reasoning decent audience base, in hopes that I can remain dedicated.

Well, good bye for now.



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