A Summer Picnic Party by Abby

~A Direction for the Blog~

Summer Edition 2016

This is my idea for a Summer Picnic. This list is a preview of some what I will feature in future blogs. Some of these recipes are very simple, whereas other dishes are more complicated and require more steps and time. However, the idea of a picnic is for it to be easy preparation. I call this summer menu a picnic blueprint.

Please Note: a contact form is accessible located at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to submit any necessary feedback that may help this young blog.

Much appreciated,

~Abby B.

Cool Sandwiches

  • The BLT with basil served with homemade mayonnaise (contains dairy)
  • Chicken & Grape salad sandwich (contains dairy)
  • The Egg Salad Sandwich Special (contains dairy)
  • Kid- Friendly Specials: Artisan Nut Butter and Jam or Local Honey-Seasonal jams include strawberry, blueberry, and peach
    • choice of nuts include peanut, almond, or cashew
    • All sandwiches served on of croissant, bagel, artisan wheat or white bread
      •  Gluten-free (GF) is an option

Lunch Plates

  • Farmer’s Summer Tomato Pie (Future blog post)
  • Hand pies- Kale, Sweet Potato, and goat cheese (Future blog post)
  • Pasta Pesto with garlic and rosemary chicken (Future blog post)
  • Refreshing Nicoise (gluten-free, non-dairy) (Future blog post)
  • Roast chicken with sautéed zucchini and spring onion (gluten-free, non-dairy)

Picnic Salad in a Mason Jar (All GF, except when specified otherwise)

(Future page featuring Salads)

  • Citrus Fruit Salad
  • 2 varieties of Coleslaw (contains dairy)
    • Candy striped-beet, fennel, and apple
    • Creamy red cabbage
  • Farmer’s Market Macaroni Salad (contains gluten and dairy)
  • Green Salad served with a very light blueberry or lemon vinaigrette
  • A Simple Chicken Salad with fresh celery and green grape
  • Greek- Sun gold tomatoes, feta, olives, cucumber, red onion (contains dairy)
  • Kale Salad- with buttermilk dressing (contains tree nuts, dairy)
  • Italian- Arugula, salami, provolone, fennel, chickpeas (contains dairy)
  • Potato Salad with sun gold tomatoes and basil (contains dairy)
  • Power Green Salad glazed with a light olive oil/Vinegar dressing (including optional nuts, dried berries, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seed or tangerines)

Simple Sides (All gluten free, except specified otherwise)

  • Avocado, basil with leftover chicken spread
  • Served with pita flatbread
  • (Special Fermentation Post to be determined)
    • Cucumber pickles
    • Squash pickles
  • Homemade potato chips, basked in avocado oil
  • Homemade hummus with pita chips or fresh carrots/celery sticks
    • Pink beet hummus (Future blog post)

Fresh Fruit Pops (gluten-free) (Future blog posts)

  • Coconut Mango
    •     Just Grape
    •     Mint Chocolate
    •     Strawberry Mint
    •     Sugar Plum


Recipe Credit: The Picnic: Recipes and Inspirations from Basket to Blanket; by Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker, Jen Stevenson


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